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Description of Neon Clock Widget

Welcome to the neon zone! Neon Clock will light up your screen with the most breathtaking “neon color splash”- pick your favorite hue - red, yellow, blue, pink or purple and let the glowing art and “neon flowers” shine. Combine your neon backgrounds free of charge with an “analogue clock” inspired by the “glowing flowers” and the mesmerizing glow of fluorescent light. Pick your favorite hue -”neon green” or neon pink and create a “free clock widget” of your liking. Enjoy the show - set the alarm clock for free and wake up to the sight of your desktop showered with all the fluorescent colors of the rainbow. All you need to do is to choose an awesome “neon theme”, whether it is inspired by “neon yellow” or “neon orange” art and match it with your sense of style. Download our fun “clock widget” and let the glowing “flower garden” glitter and sparkle on your screen! Let our “beautiful clock widget” illuminate your phone or tablet screen with vibrant “neon lights” and give your screen a magical hue.

♥ This cool gadget lets you make your “widget clock” - “neon glow” edition!

♥ First, you need to ADD the widget to your HOME SCREEN!

♥ You should go to MENU and then press the 'ADD' button or, depending on your device, tap the empty space and hold your finger until the pop-up menu-window labeled “ADD TO HOME SCREEN” appears (you might need to find + BUTTON, or the OPTION 'WIDGET' to add it to home screen).

♥ When you download the widget, initially you get five widget faces, while the rest of them unlock over the next five days.

♥ Choose from the ten fun “glitter art” designs, various skins, hands and digits!

♥ Tap on the “neon pictures” and hold to scale and move your new “analog clock”!

♥ Set the “alarm clock” by swiping through the digits on the screen and tap on “set alarm” button!

♥ The cool glittery gadget is not only a “beautiful widget”, but it also saves your battery!

♥ This “fluorescent lights” analog clock has easy and fun interface and great choice of clock faces!

♥ “Neon Clock” is compatible with 99% mobile phone devices.

♥ “Neon Clock Widget” looks amazing on tablet devices as well as on mobile phones.

Bring “all of the lights” to illuminate your screen with our outstanding “simple analog clock” - combine your abstract wallpapers with the loveliest fluorescent colors and have fun! You prefer blue to orange and pink color? No problem, this clock widget 1x4 will transform each cool neon blue drawing into an abstract master piece that will blow your mind. Wake up to the sight of the most colorful and imaginative “Neon Clock Widget” as soon as you set your alarm clock. Dare to be romantic - add some cute neon hearts hands to your screen and neonize your “Android™ phone” or your tablet.

Have you been looking for a minimal clock to light up your neon nights? Let your tablet shine bright like a diamond - let this beautiful clock widget bring you to a state of neon mania free of charge. Make your tablet glow in the dark like the brightest fluorescent light with our clock widget Android™. Abstract flowery backgrounds and “neon color” backgrounds with glowing flowers are the ideal decoration for your phone and tablet! Let the various glowing flower arrangements transform your smartphone into a real display of fluorescent lights!

Just get ”analog clock for Android” inspired by neon lights free of charge and enter the most wonderful color jungle. Are you ready to splash some “neon paint” all over your cool gadget?Fluorescent clock is a “free download” inspired by the coolest “neon effects” that you do not want to miss.

* Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc.

* This widget is ad-supported.

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